Self Doubt

Self doubt is a destroyer of hopes and dreams. It’s also a thief who steals the boldness of most who would want to step out into unfamiliar or uncharted territory. If left uncontrolled, self-doubt can cause most people to stop their dreams; or even worse, they might never even try to pursue their goals or dreams that’s burning up in their hearts. If you want to accomplish your goals and dreams, you have to stop doubting and start pursuing your dreams.

What exactly is self-doubt and what is the cause? How can it be conquered? Doubt is a sensation of uncertainty; the reluctance to believe. Self-doubt is seen as a person who has thoughts of uncertainty about his or herself. It can even be a lack of faith in oneself or their abilities to achieve success. Doubt may cause someone to lack confidence and to be double-minded in his or her mission of a dream. The reason behind doubt is the spirit of fear. Listed below are ways to help you get over that lingering doubt in yourself.

Take a Break

It may be our mind that goes against us. Most people often give up at something they started. There might be many reasons, like time restrictions or other’s thoughts that affects their belief system. When you find yourself having doubts, relax. Give yourself enough time to think. Think about what made you get into this goal. It will help you remember why you started it in the first place.

Find support

It’s not easy handling things alone. At times we need to hear something that can get us moving again. We need to connect with others who know us. This could be a family member or a close friend. There’s someone around who may have been through what you are currently going through.  If you’re comfortable, ask them to help you. You may even find inspiration from them to keep pushing through your goals.

Stop asking for validation

Seeking others’ suggestions and recommendations is helpful. But, if you are in the habit of always asking other people what they think and feel before making decisions, you may be affecting your faith in yourself.  Believe enough in yourself to trust your decisions. If you make a mistake, it’s okay. Don’t punish yourself. Making mistakes is a part of life. It’ll only help you grow.

Raise Your Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is among the most useful self-improvement tools. Use it to find the source of your self-doubt. What situations trigger times of self-doubt? If it is an area in which you don’t know much about, do something about it.  Take a class. Find information on the internet. Find a coach.   

Trust your Values

Your values play an important part in who you are.  What do you believe in? Once you know what you stand for and what’s important to you, it will get easier to make choices that are aligned with your values. Self-doubt cripples your chance to make vital decisions discovering yourself and living your values is among the best antidotes to self-doubt.

You will never get a chance to live your dreams if you do not change your uncertainty into confidence and faith. Have faith in yourself; by taking action to conquer your self-doubt, you can successfully pursue and accomplish your goals and dreams.

Feeling stuck and not able to get past the negative thoughts of doubt coming into your mind? I can help with that. Contact me today! It’s time to break free of self-doubt and move forward to the life of your dreams.

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