In an earlier post, I talked about my daughter leaving for college and how I feel alone. I call it the empty nest syndrome.  I should be excited and in a way I am.  It’s also a time for me to figure out what the next right move is.  What the next move that I need to take.

Next Right Move

My daughter has only been gone for a short time.  However, it feels like it’s been so much longer.  While she’s out there discovering who she is and pursuing her dreams, it’s also my turn to do the same.  I’ve tossed so many ideas around; taking a dance class, working more in my business, traveling more, etc.  There are so many ideas and the opportunities are endless.  But, where do I start?

Let me give you some back story.  Recently, I watched a video of Oprah talking to the students of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.  In it, she provides great advice on career, life and leadership.  It was a fantastic talk.  Check it out here. The one point that stuck with me the most was about making the next right move. How do we know what the next right move is? What does it look like or smell like or even where is this move located?  Well, maybe those last two are a bit of a stretch, but I truly do wonder about what my next right move is.

What is the next right move?

In the talk Oprah states that “The way through the challenge is to get still and ask yourself: What is the next right move?”   You can bet that I will be taking some time and getting still to try and figure out what that next right move is for me.  She goes on to say that “Our lives are bigger than any one experience.”  This is true.  We as women (or men) have so much to offer.  We’re all given gifts and talents that we should share with the world.

While I’m in this new journey of mine, I’m doing my best to not make things so complicated.  Complication comes when we over think things and beat it to death.  It also happens when others (friends, family, etc.) try and get involved in your business. I am infamous for over thinking things.  I think of every imaginable situation.  Yes, this needs to stop and it is something I am working on.

In the case of others getting involved, if you can, do your best to limit that “support” to just a few people.  Make sure that these are people that you trust and also will be supportive of your goals and dreams no matter what you’re decision.  If you have people in your life that doesn’t fit this, it’s okay.  It’s possible that they can’t understand.  Remember, not everyone is going where you’re going. Most importantly, the dreams that you have in your heart belong to you and to you only. Someone else may have similar dreams, but they don’t have your gifts, talents, or your voice.

Remember, not everyone is going where you’re going.

So, while I take some time to get still and think what my next right move is, if you’re in a similar place, I challenge you to do the same.  There is a next move for us.  What that is exactly, I can’t say.  I can say that what makes it a right move is that feeling you get in your heart knowing that it feels right.  Don’t worry about failing.  I used to be terrified of failure.  Now, I’m just a little scared.  LOL.  Nonetheless, what helped me shift into this new mindset about failure was something that Oprah said (yes, Oprah again). She said that “Failure is just that thing trying to move you in another direction.” I could go on with this, but I plan to go deeper about this quote and the subject of failure in another post.

Until then, take some time and discover what the next right move is for you.