Feeling frustrated?  Wanting to find your purpose? Or maybe you feel stuck and you’re not sure which way to go? Try this; write it out. Yes, I said write it out.  I am a strong believer in writing. You’ll be amazed as to what comes out on paper.  Don’t believe me? Let’s go  a little deeper.


Journal writing is a voyage to the interior. ~ Christina Baldwin

The art of writing has been around for years.  There are some amazing authors out there.  J.K. Rowling, Elizabeth Gilbert, Gabrielle Bernstein are just a few authors that have been tremendously successful in their writing careers.  I’m sure you’ve read some interesting article and stories written by people you may admire.  Keep in mind, I’m not talking about writing for an audience or on a scale as big as they do.  I’m talking about writing to discover things about you. You’re writing what is in your heart and soul. Writing specifically for yourself. Writing to find out who you are.

This tool is truly helpful when you’re wanting to discover something new about yourself, like finding out what it is you want. Or if you’re feeling stuck, writing will help to get you unstuck. Perhaps you’ll find a new dream or a passion for something that you don’t know about. Try this exercise. You may find some new ideas in your first time around in this exercise. If you don’t, don’t get discouraged. There’s just more writing to do and more things to clear out.

Documenting little details of your everyday life becomes a celebration of who you are. ~ Carolyn V. Hamilton, Art Improv 101: How to Create a Personal Art Journal

Exercise: Grab a piece of paper and a pen. You do not need a special notebook or pen unless you choose to do it. I have a journal as I do write often. Now that you have your pen and paper, set a timer for ten minutes and start writing. Just write.  Not sure what to write about? Write whatever is in your head. Get it out on paper. Don’t worry about it making sense and don’t edit yourself.  Let it be raw and most importantly,  let it be real.

Want to write about how folks are getting on your nerves? Write it. Want to describe your dream career? Write it. Want to write about how you have to make cookies for your daughters class and you really don’t want to, or how you have to go to a meeting with a bunch of women you don’t like? Write it out. Whatever is on your mind,  write it out.

And so I just kept writing to myself. ~ Kimberly Novosel, Loved

A lot of times when people write, they feel that someone else is going to read it.  So, they try to make their writing perfect; they’re more conscious about what they’re saying, editing themselves along the way.  In this case, no one is going to read what you wrote unless you decide to share it with them. This exercise is for you to write what you think, feel, want, etc. without putting limits on yourself.  This is your opportunity to write out everything you want and need to say without the judgments.  This is all about you being true to you.

Writing it all out helps you to clear your mind.  Get all the junk out.  We as women spend so much time running here  and there; doing this or that. Things pile up in our minds.  Now is the time to slow down and write it out. The other benefit to writing is to feel free and to not feel afraid to say what you want.  Do this exercise and see what pops up about yourself and about your goals and dreams. You’ll be amazed at what have kept inside of yourself all this time.

Finally, writing will help bring you a sense of peace.  When you put all your thoughts down on paper, you’re freeing your mind of all the things you had kept in there. If this exercise helped you, I encourage you to keep doing it.  There are more things you just may discover about yourself and your dreams.  Make writing a habit.

I’m interested to know what you discover.  Please leave me a comment below.  If you’re wanting to chat with me privately, I’m happy to do so.  Click here to connect with me.

Until next time…..