Adversity in our lives happens whether we want them to or not.  In fact, it’s a part of life. There’s no way of getting around that.  However, how we choose to react when we’re faced with adversity, is what makes all the difference.  Going through challenges does force us out of our current element.  As soon as we enter this new place, we have two choices; we can either just give up or we can learn how to adapt and keep it moving.  In a moment, you will find strategies below to help you stay strong in the face of adversity.


“Sometimes the darkest challenges, the most difficult lessons, hold the greatest gems of light.” ~ Barbara Marciniak, Family of Light: Pleiadian Tales and Lessons in Living

The first thing to remember is that no one in life is immune to struggles or adversity.  No one.  Everyone in your life (and those folks that you don’t know) have had at least one major challenge in their lives.  People can go through things and learn how not to let it control their lives.  However, there are still some people who still struggle with that; myself included.  How you cope with adversity will determine how you will handle things in the future.  Each challenge we receive is indeed a test.  And if you went to school, then you know that each test that we take gets harder and harder.

Now, understand that our struggles can make us or break us.   We are in control of how we react to and handle our challenges every step of the way.  I’m talking about everything from being laid off work to a health situation.  Both of these things are extremely difficult on their own, much less adding everything else in between.  Numerous thoughts go through your mind of how you will make it through.  Believe me when I say this; it may not look like it now, but you will make it through.

Question is, do you believe that?

“Embrace each challenge in your life as an opportunity for self-transformation.”  ~ Bernie S. Siegel

They say that the challenges we face in our lives are to make us stronger.  I do understand that statement, and even in my own trials and tribulations, I too have found that to be true.  The struggle is very real and it does make us stronger.  We may not believe it at the time, especially when we’re going through the storm, but it’s a fair statement.  Things aren’t always as bad as they may seem.  Some of you may be shaking your head saying “Oh yes they are” and you know what? I don’t hate you.  I too have felt the same way.

As you may be facing your own set of challenges today, I wanted to share with you some strategies to help you along the way.  Below is a list of some strategies that can possibly help you.  It’s important to note that some of these may not work for you.  Find the thing that does work for you to help you get through your situation.

  1. Focus on the positive.  There’s always something positive that you can see in your life.  You may not want to or much less believe that, but there is.  Are your kids happy and healthy?  Trust me when I say that there is someone else who is worse off than you.
  2. Practice Gratitude.  Saying to thank you for what you already have is a start to seeing things differently in your life.  There may be a part of you that may not feel that there are things to be grateful for but look around you.  I’m sure you can find ten things you can say “thank you” for.  Are you having nice weather in your area? Maybe you want some ice cream or a big glass of wine after a long day at work, or maybe you’re eating the best pizza on the planet.  My point is, look around you.  Find something to be grateful for.
  3. Write in Your Journal.  Your journal is a great place to list the things that you are grateful for and other things that you want to write about.  That is your open space to be truly honest with yourself and what is going on.  You have the power to make changes.  Make your journal the place where you list all of your goals and dreams.
  4. Celebrate Your Current Achievements.  Things may look bleak and you may feel that you have not accomplished anything.  Look back on your life and make a list of everything that you have achieved.  Have a child graduate high school? Yep, that’s a great achievement alright.  You were there to cheer them on every step of the way.  What else have you done?  Think of everything that you were able to accomplish; no matter how big or small. It’s still an accomplishment.
  5. Shift your focus.  Sometimes when we’re going through our storms of life, we tend to focus more on the storm than anything else. I’ve done this too.  I’ve also discovered that when we shift our focus to something else that is positive, it’s then that we start to feel better about what’s going on.  It may not take everything away, but in that moment that we can focus on something else, it does make a difference.
  6. Assemble Your Team.  In times of crisis, who is out there that you can count on? Who can you call? Your BFF, your mother, sister, favorite Aunt, etc.  Who can help you get through your challenge? It’s time to send out the bat signal and get them over there.
  7. Exercise.  My doctor suggested this was a great way to help get over your current situation.  Exercise releases endorphins.  Endorphins are supposed to make you happy.  Now, get on out there and sweat and release those endorphins.

Given these points, please keep in mind that this list is only a portion of what you can do to help you get through your struggle.  If you happen to know of other strategies that have helped you, please share them in the comments below.  I would love to hear from you.

Until Next Time….

Hi there! It’s nice to meet you! I’m a successful single mama, mental health advocate, sports fan, blogger and all around fun person helping other overwhelmed and stressed women entrepreneurs to get hope, have faith and be inspired to push through their depression and anxiety so they too can live the life of their dreams. Say hello! I would love to meet you! 🙂