A little about me….Hope2

First, thank you so much for stopping by.  My name is Hope and I am a Hope, Life Purpose, and Empowerment Coach. Whether you are looking for empowerment and hope coaching you are at the right place. I offer a journey to empowerment and self-discovery by helping you through the process of exploring what you believe in, and what your contribution is to the outer world. I will provide you a powerful and safe place to find the answers you need in order to move forward with clarity and purpose.

I successfully and effectively help women entrepreneurs like you to discover their life purpose and transform it to live a life of your dreams.  I have learned the secret of tapping into my inner power and releasing my strength to pursue my dreams and goals. The life I planned was never to be a single mom, but it was a life I learned to embrace. I have helped others like you do the same. We all face problems in our lives that look bigger than we can handle at that moment.  I am passionate about helping others by offering the tools, empowerment, and motivation necessary to help them move forward.

As a single mom for years in corporate America, I had been told numerous times that I couldn’t or shouldn’t do something because I needed to focus my life to my daughter. There was nothing wrong with that.  Though all I was thinking was how to be a role model for my daughter, a person she could learn from.  I wanted more for my life, myself and for my daughter. I wouldn’t be where I am today if had listened to all those negative statements.

As a Paralegal, a good portion of my career was spent empowering women transition from their time of being married to their new life as a single mom.  Although it wasn’t the life they planned for themselves, they too had to learn to embrace it.  It wasn’t an easy journey.  It is important to know that in our meeting, I will help you to discover your own voice and talent to live your life to the fullest.

You can probably relate to the importance of living your own life and being there for your children if you are a single mom by either divorce or your personal choice. You may also have had jobs that you may or may not have liked all because it brings food on the table and making sure there was roof over your head.  Most of your life is lived on a survival mode. I get that. I’ve been there.  You might even have issues with negative thoughts always registering in your mind, or having a limited mindset; I will gladly fine tune your mind and set it to the right frequency.

What dream do you have for your life?  What is it that you want to pursue?  When you work with me, you get my full support and knowledge of how to get from point A to point B.  It is possible in my program.  I will show you how to discover your purpose and getting your mind right for success.  Will it be easy?  No, it won’t be all the time. It will take discipline and willingness to push through and not give up.

Remember, that not everyone is going where you are going.  You may have to change some of the people in your life if you want to go higher in your own life.  Out of this experience, you will have the ability to articulate your purpose and core values in life. You will have a clear vision of what you want to bring into your life. We can determine the best way in which to continue working together after completing the foundational set of sessions.

As a personal coach, I work with a wide variety of clients and provide a highly personalized approach that is tailored to every individual. I help clients attain the personal and professional growth they strive for.  We are all blessed with a gift. It was just reserved for you.  What is meant for you will be for you.  No one can take that away from you.

What is your gift? Have you discovered it yet? If you haven’t, that is okay.  It is never too late find out and start living the life of your dreams.

Are you ready to change your life?


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