In the midst of our depression, it’s really easy to say no to things. No to getting out of bed. No to going out with friends. No to just about everything.  We say no so much that’s it become our new normal.  This needs to stop.  What if we tried something new? Below I give you 5 reasons to say yes to new things.

It’s hard to say yes. That’s a fact. We’re so comfortable in our comfort zones, there really is no point to do anything else. Why? We’re safe. it’s familiar.  We don’t want to rock the boat.  Things may not be perfect, but we’re content here in our space.

5 Reasons to Say Yes to New Things

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What If?

“I am not lucky. You know what I am? I am smart, I am talented, I take advantage of the opportunities that come my way and I work really, really hard. Don’t call me lucky. Call me a badass.”
~ Shonda Rhimes, Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person

But what if? What if just once we say yes to one new thing a week?? How would that change your life? Would it be a little more exciting? Possibly. We wouldn’t know the answer to that until we say yes. Sometimes saying yes is stepping out in faith. Make that first move.

Think of the possibilities of saying yes to new things. Yes, it’s hard. If we give in to the fear and depression, we’ll stay stuck in that mode forever. Is that what you want?

I personally don’t want to stay here. Managing my depression has been hard. However, I’ve been doing my best to take small steps to saying yes to new things. It’s been a challenge for me too, but I’m determined to do it. What about you?

To know the hope and the struggle and the stay still and the run away and the come here and the push back. And also what it is to say yes, to be present exactly where you are. ~ Jeanette LeBlan

5 Reasons to Say Yes to New Things

It shouldn’t be our mission in life to do the same thing. To live a life of mediocrity. Believe it or not, we were created to do extraordinary things. Why not construct a plan to that? Here are those five reasons to say yes to new things.

  1. Gain Confidence. It may seem scary at first to even consider the thought to say yes to something new, but after that first time you say yes, you will be more motivated and have more confidence to say yes again, and again. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?
  2. Meet New People. In a lot of new experiences that we try, we’re most likely to meet some new people. Think of who you might meet? Someone that can help you get your dream off the ground? Someone that could turn out to be a new friend? Or maybe a new connection. The possibilities are endless of the people you can meet when you say yes to new things. In meeting new people, you might also have a new experience that you can share with them.
  3. Learning More About Yourself. In all things that we try, we tend to learn more things about ourselves. It will also unlock talents and skills that we didn’t know we had. The more things we tend to try, the more things we find out about ourselves. In turn that builds confidence. It’s a win-win.
  4. You Grow Through the Process. Saying yes to new things and experiences allows you to grow. You learn new things and you apply those lessons to yourself and your life. You’re not the same person anymore. You’re becoming someone new. Someone with more confidence, more happiness for life, and will have a willful sense of accomplishment to see how far you have come.
  5. More Happiness. One of the best things to come out of doing new things is that you find that you enjoy doing them. It brings you a sense of happiness and zeal for life. Life becomes more joyful when you’re doing the things you love with those you love to be with.

Imagine for a moment if you chose to do the same; say yes to new things. Life could change for you. Perhaps you would even start to enjoy your life again.

Dare to be vulnerable, walk outside without your armor on and say YES to your heart. ~ Alaric Hutchinson, Living Peace

Dare to Say Yes

Think about this for a moment. You wake up day after day after day being comfortable. Sure, it’s safe to be comfortable. But you are destined for great things. You can’t expect to accomplish great things and be comfortable doing it. Growth makes all of us uncomfortable. It pushes you to step out of your comfort zone. Yes, me too. I’m preaching to the choir.

Step into who you are destined to be. Take it a step at a time. Watch your life change when you start saying yes to new things.

You have a choice to make. You can stay in the box. The place where it’s comfortable and cozy and life is predictable. Or you could say yes to new experiences, new people and new adventures.

Finally, I leave you with these words from Shonda Rhimes’ book, Year of Yes: How to Dance it Out, Stand in the Sun, and Be Your Own Person:

“Yes to everything scary.
Yes to everything that takes me out of my comfort zone.
Yes to everything that feels like it might be crazy.
Yes to everything that feels out of character.
Yes to everything that feels goofy.
Yes to everything.
Say yes.
Speak. Speak NOW.
“Yes,” I say. “Yes”

Will you say yes? Hit me up and tell me what you will say yes to.

Until Next Time…

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